Kaydee Barnett-"Life Lines" & "Spread Your Wings" Business

Kaydee Barnett is a single mother raising six of ten children. She faced many struggles as a child raised by a poor mother and as a low-income resident of New York raising her own children. She felt that people who could make a difference in the struggles of the poor and victimized simply overlooked or turned their backs on the problems. She vowed to make a difference by advocating for the voiceless. Serving four years in the PTA and the School Leadership Team of P.S. 90 Horace Mann School in Queens, she fought hard to achieve the maximum quality of education and bridge the communication gaps between parents and school officials. Her passions lie with youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and helping bridge gaps between the communities and their residents, which she strongly believes her faith in God will help her accomplish.

She is a strong writer, her writing works include a published murder thriller written under Kaydee Thompson, entitled "Hush, Little Baby", available at Amazon.com, Xlibris.com and many other sites in paperback, and as an e-book on Lybrary.com and other e-book sites. She has a viewpoint column entitled, "And Then There's Kaydee.." offering straight talk about topics ranging from parenting to politics. Kaydee is most popularly known for her recaps, weekly commentaries, and fantasy fiction scripts on About.com under site guide , Katherine Thurston about the Channel 7 soap opera "One Life To Live", which began in the year 2000 and currently remains.

Having gotten her first shot at being a publicist by volunteering for Andre L. Ogburn at the Dre'O Radio Show on the web, Kaydee found that she felt a sense of completeness when the topics most personal to her were aired and people were reaching out for inspiration. The feeling led her to open the KBA Publicist Agency and the "On The Edge" radio show, which features several sub-segments on social issues, sports, music, and a marketing showcase for independent artists and entrepreneurs looking to market their products and services without the means to pay for ad services. Currently, Kaydee is the official publicist for Jai Muzic of Skraps Productions, a rising young singer/rapper who is rapidly making her mark in the music industry.

Contact Kaydee at: teamontheedge@gmail.com-Attn: Kaydee B.